With some techno influences he gets right into it with some sweet synth sounds that play over a repeated riff. Computer sounds echo above the bass line as the track builds. Fractal Energy 4 Label: Hold up, it’s not turrible, but it’s like all of his other stuff Display as a link instead. Way better than the album

khopat vs brainwash version two

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See dude, you can only push someone so far The distorted lead is vedsion key delicious and then he adds a modulated synth making the track pretty noisy. If I kicked you in the nuts and it hurt, why would you want me to do that again?

I think someone needs an intervention. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Brainwash Vs Alienn

It’s like Comicon up in here. I like how it keeps shifting focus and melodies, you know out with the old Posted April 7, Not bad, but I have heard way better.

Reply to this topic Upload or insert images from URL. The break has a cyber vibe as he twiddles the filter cutoff, but the best part is the end where he ties it all together with lasers and layers. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.


It’s pretty intense with the throttle mashed down the entire way. Veraion really, a sequel to Showgirls. Their effects set the dark stage for quite the stormer. Lasers, effects, and that deep bass line rock with a metallic lead.

khopat vs brainwash version two

Display as a link instead. I’m not making that up.

KHOPAT VS BRAINWASH – Version Two | beatspace-fractal

This is like versipn on the front lines and the platoon fires rocket launchers and machine guns, and then he gets up and throws a rock. Lasers fire in massive bursts and the energy here is immense.

khopat vs brainwash version two

Relentless for sure, as it keeps hammering away with a slight key change. By Trance2MoveUApril 7, in Did you know that they are planning to make a sequel to the hit Vacation?

Layers start stacking and the lead melody has a carnival atmosphere to it.

Computer sounds echo above the bass line as the track builds. Where did I put my dancing shoes? It gets buildupy also seems to be a theme but it ain’t bad. Acid whizzes by your ears and you would swear he was on the wheels of steel.


He doesn’t make bad kohpat, he just doesn’t. File Exchange – ” The psychedelics opened my mind to whole new spaces of myself. You can post now and register later. Some were of the weaker variety, but most were good and several were downright excellent.

Psythex @ Tku ni up by Psythex (Dimensional rec.) | Mixcloud

The bass line thumps as effects round out the edges. The break seethes with evil though as the tension rises and effects fall. Hi-tech for sure and a karate kick lead to the face.