Here’s some kind of half-assed category dooflich: Lets describe the Deck Constructor layout first: Here is the log you requested. Also to add more structured play, we’ll be doing this in a swiss-format meaning if you lose once you’ll face someone with a similar record. This is the tab your regular commands are stored in the ones you have when you’re not dueling 9:

kcvds 1.21

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If this icon gets animated the arrows start turningit means that an update of the current lobby is being done.

Posted by KennethGreen Buy now: Double click on the icon to run it. I forgot my password Or.

The update! KCVDS 1.21

Click on Show Set or do a Search for cards. Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. Posted by JamesLee Buy now: Once you’ve done so you can kxvds games two ways. No malicious items detected Registry Keys Infected: Number of cards in your hand 2: Which is the first Yu-Gi-Oh simulator that had a significant user base on the Internet, when did it come out, etc.?


The update! KCVDS

Show last card s. The Main Deck is, essentially, all the cards the duelist will be playing with in Duel. Just look around and you’ll figure out 1.221 they do.

This makes magical butterfly fairies appear and start raping you. This button will take you back to the server selection screen. If the others do not have the same problem, then its caused with something on your side.


Whew, I’m glad I saved a decklist of all my favorites. Description of how to host a duel via Hamachi.

kcvds 1.21

Send cards from deck Everything will be labed with a number and it’s corresponding explanation will be below. The duel interface is the same as the deck editor in that you can drag and drop most things. My computer’s browser doesn’t redirect me anymore and I’ve managed to reset the homepage to my old one.

kcvds 1.21

Randomly selects a card in your hand and shows it to your opponent. Due to my lack of time and lack of tools I have created is the reason why there are long delays in card updates in the database.


Use this to switch phases during your turn. Place a check mark in the box beside Remove found threats. The “Maximum of 3 Rule” for cards of the same name still applies.

Can someone give me a history of a list of Yu-Gi-Oh Here’s how it works. Only he will be able to send you a request for a duel, after typing the password. Where do you register for kcvds – answers.

White number on a blue background. Along with SpywareInfoit was one of the first places to offer online malware removal training in its Classroom.

Doing so could cause changes to the directions I have to give you and prolong the time required.