Stand up for yourself: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Thus writing becomes an act of self-inscription in a language and culture that tries to silence her sexuality. My Story – Kamala Das. More than a book this is her Journey, and I don’t have any right to judge her choices just because I read this book, I respect her Individuality, She was so clear the way she expressed her anger, pain and agony through poems, and the way she faced the criticism among the relatives along with society.. Refresh and try again.

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Apart from syrayya my heart was squeezed several times as I read the book when she nonchalantly writes about having a loveless marriage as a child bride. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Love and sexuality in the writings of Kamala Das

Her confessions regarding her prolonged stints with religiosity, her bouts of scepticism, the attempts to project herself as a sinner before her readers and a saint before her gods all add to the enthralling enigma we love as Amy or Kamala Das or Madhavikutty. This sensational autobiography of kamala das has send waves of shock to shake the mindset of common readers. Because of it, Das did not have any issues with her romantic escapades.

Puram Sadanandan Thoppil Bhasi T. Born in rural Kerala, brought up and schooled in Calcutta, married to a bank officer in Mumbai, spending a life divided among the cosmopolitan cities of Calcutta, Mumbai and Delhi, Kamala Das alias Madhavikutty projects a translated self living in translated worlds. I can see why it was so considered in the then relatively conservative and tradition-bound communities in Kerala.


It’s true that when you grow old your perspective changes. The This autobiographical work was considered overly explicit when it was first published in Malayalam in There is a charm around Kamala Das—the unapologetic poet, the enigmatic mistress of words—that still continues to lure readers, despite her demise almost a decade ago.

She is the daughter of V. But at the same time she loves her husband too. On a personal level, I found this book too depressing to be re-read. Kamala Das is probably the first Hindu woman to openly and honestly talk about sexual desires of Indian woman, which made her an iconoclast of her generation. A Woman in Quest of a Language It is significant that no such references to the writing of an autobiography come up in My Story.

Chandrasekharan Narendra Prasad S. Many thoughts becomes clear and assumes different dimensions. The Times of India. During her era, I guess she was the only writer with grit and courage to explicitly write about her personal life and the shadow side of her family who are very well known in her state and throughout the sub-continent.

I never did play ene.

എന്റെ കഥ | Ente Katha

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At this time my husband turned to his old friend for comfort. Aami, a Kamala Das biopic, will release on February 9 There is a charm around Kamala Das—the unapologetic poet, the entte mistress of words—that still continues to lure readers, despite her demise almost a decade ago.


She has no qualms in revealing the dark undercurrents in society covered by the decorous fabric of traditions and morality. It touches more than once on the dark side that inevitably exists in everyone’s life but most refuse to think so deeply about and more Sirayya story.

(PDF) Kamala Das: On Translating My Story | Meena T. Pillai –

For an identity, carrying this trauma of dislocation, divided between the other tongue of English and the mother tongue of Malayalam, translation is an activity that best describes her being. A female identity constituted by an intense awareness of sexuality is seen to be narrated, however subversively, with an acute awareness of the policing medium of culture which a language represents. The strength of her conviction is quite surprising.

A Challenge to Theory, Harvester Press. She moved away from social conventions and portrayed homosexuality as well.

Madhavan Nandanar Narayan O. Though Kamala Das arranges all the important rites of passage charting the course of the evolution of the self and narrates all the events according to a chronological and causal scheme in My Story, Ente Katha displays certain reluctance to the usual patterns of constructing the life story. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.