The players who played both forms can best understand this. What environment can I use the Opening Master database in? Back to the top of this page. I am not sure about the no longer available part, but google Tim Harding and ask him! Ten years ago Chess Mail sponsored the inaugural event with 91 players in 13 sections.

iccf chess games

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C43 Petrov, Modern Attack.

We think, correspondence chess games should be included because they don’t talk about two chesd but one. Kingchess This German server closed 1 January Admin and Owners know it when they see it, and sanctions for any trolls will be significant.

difference in quality of games between ICCF and FIDE

Opening Master is the biggest database of chess games played OTB or correspondence. Our national CC websites gamws and Irish links are separate from the links below. A41 Queen’s Pawn Game with ICCF is a true federation of national organisations. This includes all media: What environment can I use the Opening Master database in?


ICCF-U.S. Games Archive for ICCF-U.S. and NAPZ tournaments

It was due to underestimation of corr. V Iakymov vs N Icccf. Sign up using Email and Password. And why am I talking about this?

Note to chses who may consider requesting a link: Any off-topic posts which distract from the primary topic of discussion are subject to removal. Sep 20, 2. Aside of the account “budfit” promoting of his snake-oil-chess-db product, he cheated here under nick ” Mosur “.

Despite getting our games from different sources, we dedicate a lot of time to eliminate duplicates.

iccf chess games

Game scores collected and provided by: The ICCF web server is very well established. Asked 4 iiccf, 1 month ago. With the White pieces: Can readers please warn us of any sites they find no longer exist? These are not in any particular order but we have played on the first five.

iccf chess games

IECG began around and was reconstituted at the end of Based on solid historical research and the latest in statistical methods. Chess in Friendship – international club of over 25 years standing but on a small scale.


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Each has it’s pros and cons. They published Tim Harding’s three most recent books. ChessBase news This is another site we check daily for chess news and annotated games.

iccf chess games

I have been pleased today, because I realized that infamous Mr. Y Kruppa vs N Papenin. Britbase is a site we highly recommend for good free downloads of archived British OTB events, plus many gsmes to other sites where more games may be found.

Webserver CC seems to be killing off these clubs. Recognised by FIDE as the world governing body for correspondence chess: OTB players most often use the Opening Master database when preparing for an opponent.