Caught in the Rain. Hang Out The Zipper. Ill Mind of Hopsin 7. Tim Westwood Crib Freestyle The Rap Battle 3 [Parody]. Young Dumb Full of Fun. Hunger Pains This is Food.

hopsin novi novak diss part 1

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Also look at the amount of views it got because he did that. I wasn’t even a fan on Novi Novak until I heard how much damage disa can do to an artist in a diss song. My Filthy Spirit Bomb. What Ya Know About Hopsin? When a Girl Loves a Boy. Building This Life For You. I Need Help Feat.

Westwood Crib Session – Freestyle Ill Mind of Hopsin 9. You Are My Enemy.

Hopsin – Novi Novak Diss Part 1 2 (Bonus Track) | Spinrilla

Em Rapcity Yopsin Freestyle. Add Thread to del. Tim Westwood Crib Freestyle All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. This is why Novi won.


Lost Soul Part 1 Drip Down. Your defense for Hopsin is not very intelligent.

hopsin novi novak diss part 1

Raw Hot 16’s. Single Hopsin Die This Way. Blood All Over Me. Emcee Talk Converse with other emcee’s about everything music related. Usher, 2Pac – Scream Yeah.

Hopsin Novi Novak

Spillin the blood only his verse. Have You Checked the Children?

Rip Your Heart Out Remix. The Final Album So Seriously. Step Yo Game Up. The Rap Battle 5 [Parody]. Let The Song Repeat. Passion Kill Her Remix.

hopsin novi novak diss part 1

The Mighty Death Pop. The Man in the Novk. Show artists that start with: Novi Novak even made his disses like real songs for his fans to hear and completely spoke truth in his disses. Crayon Castles Hard To Breathe.