But a critique of the two is not invalid on its face. There are court scenes and Jang Hee Bin is supposed to be a designer of hanboks. I like the supernatural parts. That being said, I loved Sam Soon because she left an impression on me. Kang Chi isn’t going to fling his arms up in the air and fall to the ground comically if a blood-thirsty, dangerous enemy were to kick him. And a very cute one too!!! Just make politicians evil.

gu family book episode 4 indowebster

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Finally Tae-seo saves them both by suggesting that the more urgent matter is how to deal with Jo Gwan-woong. Beautiful noses are so easy to get! KTH at leaset has years of experience and has been in many different roles before come into saeguk while Suzy with episoxe limited experience in drama just jump into saeguk just like that.

gu family book episode 4 indowebster

Both of these drama will attract so many comments and traffic. It’s ok to critique this drama – say what u like and what u don’t, but don’t bash it and then promote another drama.

gu family book episode 4 indowebster

I like the supernatural parts. Suzy had been receiving some extremely harsh comments when her being cast in this drama was announced. Obviously Lee Yeon Hee’s character arc indowebstsr comparable to a character in a movie – 2 hours. I wonder if this line was deliberately inserted – that the writer and Seunggi both know our nickname for him! There’s got to be a reason for a girl acting that way other than ‘because it’s cool’.


Drama Korea Gu Family Book Subtitle Indonesia [Episode 1 – 24 : Complete] ~ Cinema Korea 21

They draw their swords on cue. He has a point. Ivoire April 17, at However, I am not sure where is the basis of saying “LSG acting is regressing since his last drama” since he has only appeared in TWO episodes so far.

gu family book episode 4 indowebster

Oh, by the way, yes Ms. But a critique of the two is not invalid on its face.

Back on the road, Kang-chi turns to Yeo-wool and drops the posturing rpisode. You have a hero who spends his days playing Hong Gil-dong Jr. Lee Seung-gi and Sung Joon, I could watch them at it all day, even in that small role he’s managed to convey more nuance than he really should.

Drama Korea Gu Family Book (2013) Subtitle Indonesia

Have you watched any of those shows? My boys in White Christmas are doing so well lately, I’m ecstatic. Ok I guess that’s fair enough. I liked the way Faith dealt with it, by having its heroine actually come from the 21st century. I love that the hitter is just as surprised, and she points out that a guy who can fight off all those attackers should obviously be able to avoid being hit.


So far i like YW,i hope her character consistent,really don’t want her turn weak ala damsel in distress later on. Someone I think it was Pabo mentioned that Kdramas tend to be more gi the male lead, with the female lead being a supporting character, albeit a strong supporting one. I just randomly thought up my screen name. It looks pretty though…what a waste….

Gu Family Book Episode 4

She finds him even more curious—so his fighting ability actually changes according to the situation? She’s gh in the VERY last part of the episode.

Kitzeekat April 16, at 9: Great ep, magic done really well: Lee Yeon-hee of all people has been able to do a better job with her role in just 2 eps! It will be interesting to see how she reacts when KC gets framed for murder if it comes to that.

His voice takes on an edge: