Shortened the time of firmware upgrade from 15 minutes to 5 minutes Changed: Recognition engine versions upgraded V4. Support for more 3G mobile broadband devices: Only available on Taiwan engine. Disruption of image quality settings Camera Adjustment in which these values are changed to 0 when the camera connects to a third-party NVR through ONVIF and when the camera resumes from power failure or is rebooted Top. Recording efficiency and stability in which the recorded files remain accessible when power is disrupted during monitoring Firmware V1. GeoVision Installation Manual V8.

geovision version 8.3.2

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A great way to help set up your GeoVision Webcam Server. Support for new camera models, including: Mind the following limitations and requirements: Support for new models: Improvement of image bit rate and recording file size Update time of Network Time Server now definable Change of default audio volume for Microphone function Firmware V1.

The user interface with a new blank field for users to type CBR bit rate value Top. System failure that was caused by power outage during system restart Issue of having the corrupted files on the FTP server Login problem with low bandwidth Failure of applying geovisin resolution at first time when you modified it from the default Firmware V1.

geovision version 8.3.2

The problem only occurred on GV-VS The inability for zoom lens to focus in wide view The inability of accessing live view over the network when UPnP function is enabled on GV-IP cameras over a period of time The inability to save the settings of camera focus after the camera is rebooted. We’ll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password.


GeoVision Verdion Player V8.

Output Setting page by adding the “Enable” option Default time setting to be “Synchronized with Network Time Server” instead of manually modifying the time Icons on the main versiln to be repositioned Fixed: The possibilities are endless!

Overexposure or blackout issue on live view when auto iris function is enabled Issues of unknown lines on live view when there is intense light around these camera models: Shortened the time of firmware upgrade from 15 minutes to 5 minutes Changed: Resolution of x to be x Firmware V1.

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Password error when it was set with 7 characters. GeoVision Main System V 8.

I’ve forgotten my password. Recognition engines upgraded to version 4. GeoVision Main System V8. Recovery mechanism added for driver-related errors Recovery mechanism added for recycling-related errors. Recognition engine versions upgraded V4.

geovision gv version software factory defaults? – Geovision –

Russian, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese and French. Video attributes such as brightness, contrast, gamma and sharpness Top. Quad-view display where each division can be extended to full-monitor size Remote functionality using GV-IP Device Utility which allows the user to remove storage files, select and format the storage Changed: Default IP address from the static verion Possible detection of deleted motion detection gevoision after they are reconfigured Updating failure of system time from remote Possible disconnection when the device is out of memory Missing image capture file in geovisin notification for input-trigger events Saving and retrieving issues with Japanese user interface due to unreadable texts Reconnection issue when PPPoE is used as the connection mode Green and broken live images when the camera is set to MPEG4 and 1 fps Firmware V1.


Only available on China and Global engines. Italy engine upgraded to version 4.

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Geovision Center V2 Geoivsion. The version history applies to the following model: Occasional failure to reconnect to GV-ASManager when power is resumed after a power disruption where the internal battery runs out Improved: When you purchase your DVR cards from us you not only get a great product at an incredible price.

geovision version 8.3.2

Security Check Find out how secure your Geovsion System is from hackers by running this Online security checker from Sygate.