I instal mig bis and the plane is transparent! Posted August 14, Anuncio oficial en la pagina principal de ED http: Thanks again for this great DL. What are the hard parts and what are the easy ones?

fc2 mig-21bis mod

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So I could be the first 3rd party developer who can build a mod with these new support structure.

MiGBis Fishbed Template – for User Made Models – LockOnFiles

Now the models are detailed ten times than before also their textures is more detailed now. Posted January 29, We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal.

fc2 mig-21bis mod

Am I doing something wrong here? I mean in real life the plane has a lot of small detail and these things doesn’t exist on drawings or pictures.

MiGBiS for Flaming Cliffs 2 with 6DOF 3D Cockpit V – Flaming Cliffs – LockOnFiles

Paste as plain text instead. Mig Bis Respuestas Vistas. Posted July 30, Go To Topic Listing.


fc2 mig-21bis mod

Flight simmers often compare real planes mig-21biz their virtual counterparts, what do your testers say? So it’s not static and depends of many coefficient in the game. Ooooh how did I miss this.

fc2 mig-21bis mod

NO se si lo he entendido bien. Since I created several mods. Video test RP radar and live fire R-3R misil vs target.

As I already said in the first part of the interview my personal experience with MiGBis motivate me to creatt the mod. Posted August 3, Posted October 7, Also you can see a nice empty pod when rockets are fired.

Reply to this topic So yeah, that forced me to mid back and re-shoot every scene all over, some scenes I had to fly again too, since I didnt save all of the tracks. It’s need a minor revision. Posted May 25, Posted July 24, Posted May 4, Migbis Russian By beczl.

DCS: Mig-21 Bis

I don’t want to cause a confusing about the DCS: By beczlJuly 24, In Flaming Cliffs 2. Posted September 11, If you could provide me with a link that would be much appreciated.


The same developer team made MiGBis mod for Flaming cliffs 2 but although that mode is good enough for FC2 standards, it suffers from serious limitation of flight model as well as instruments and systems, as mgi-21bis was no support from Eagle dynamic. New MigBis images and a unconfirmed little surprise Posted November 3, I instal mig bis and the plane is transparent!

Sorry I can’t tell you fully how it’s work but the effect belong mostly programming and less texture side.