Face punch .io

Boxing is a doubles match, only two athletes are boxing at the same time, the third place is not in the ring. This rule works only in real life, but in the game Facepunch.io everything is absolutely the opposite, in the ring are fighting at once a few dozen, and even hundreds of fighters at the same time. You want to test your strength and scratch your fists, then this multi-player online game from io, you definitely like it.

Before you start, be sure to enter your nickname in a special window, choose one of the characters and go to the arena. Here we must quickly orient ourselves and immediately engage in a confrontation. Like in many other io games, in Facepunchio, the main character is weak and helpless at first, so you need to give him strength by picking up colored balls on the playing field. Each color point is responsible for the multiplication of certain skills.

When the protagonist has grown a little, you can enter into a confrontation and knock out other players, appropriating their experience yourself. For this, it is desirable to choose an opponent smaller or equivalent, the individual larger, with ease to deal with a small competitor. Management in Facepunch.io is easy: the cursor and mouse use the move, the W key, the spacebar or the left mouse button are responsible for striking. On the left is a rating table on which you can track your achievements and opponents’ performance.

Face punch .io

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