Furthermore, V ports provide the same advanced services as the central X switch for a uniform and consistent end-user experience. We will be glad to consult you and create an individual offer for you. Multi-Switch Link Aggregation Groups M-LAG can address bandwidth limitations and improve network resiliency, in part by routing network traffic around bottlenecks, reducing the risks of a single point of failure, and allowing load balancing across multiple switches. We are pleased to announce the availability of ExtremeXOS As an example, the VLAN for a given user or device can be dynamically assigned.


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Built-in security capabilities provide network access control integrated with endpoint integrity checking, identity management, and protection for the network control and management planes. Furthermore, V ports provide the same advanced services as the central X switch for a uniform and consistent end-user experience.

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Login Login with your Extreme Portal account or. As such, dynamic security policies, including fine-grained access control via ACLs, can follow a user extrsmexos of where he logs into the network. ExtremeXOS sFlow and IPFIX standards-based data monitoring support provides Layer visibility into the network, including statistics on which applications are running over your network, biggest talkers, etc.

ExtremeXOS Direct Attach eliminates switching at the virtual switch layer, extgemexos the network and improving performance.



IPv4 ExtremeXOS also offers a set of Layer 3 switching features all geared to increasing control and management on very large networks. Scanning file for viruses. In addition, an aging timer can be configured for the MAC lockdown, protecting the network from the effects of attacks using often rapidly changing MAC addresses. Supported by the ExtremeXOS Should route updates still exist, graceful restart incrementally performs these updates after the restart.

Extreme Networks open, standards-based approach allows network access control on all edge ports of a network. This simplifies X stack set-up and improves stack resiliency.

ExtremeSwitching V300-8P-2T-W and ExtremeXOS 30.2.2 Now Available!

This new model is the first in a series of new Extremexo models planned for introduction later this fiscal year and adds to the existing V family of Extended Edge Switching devices. With E4G cell site and cell site aggregation routers, ExtremeXOS is capable of providing carrier grade resiliency, synchronization and high performance Gigabit Ethernet switching for deploying true 4G mobile backhaul solutions.

It can also operate as a controlling bridge within an Extended Edge Switching solution. This enables thousands of interfaces to be monitored from a single location. Already have an account? ExtremeXOS provides an infrastructure to dynamically load, start and gracefully stop new applications.

Please try again in a few minutes. The modular design of ExtremeXOS allows the upgrading of certain individual software modules, should this be necessary, leading to higher availability in the network see Figure 1. Deploying VoIP endpoints is extremsxos easy as opening the package, programming the extension and plugging into the network.


Identity Manager allows network managers to track users who access their network. Company Private Only you and moderators can see this information.

Scripts can access CLI output, and a rich set of Python or Tcl functions that provide a utility library of string manipulation, search or mathematical functions.

Access control works with or without dedicated authentication support on client devices, such as VoIP phones and printers. Share Tweet Share Share.

ExtremeXOS has a robust set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 control protocols, provides a flexible architecture for highly resilient networks and has been designed to support the next-generation Internet Protocol, IPv6. Access profiles for device management allow filters to be set on device management, accepting connections only from specified sources. Extreme Networks has designed an architecture for the performance, flexibility and security requirements of IPv6 without compromising operational simplicity see Figure 5.

Please view datasheet for full list of specifications.


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