I synthesize it with instruments such as drums and hammered dulcimers. This interaction is very important. Please enter your comment! We have to remember that no. He is more critical of refugees who leave their countries for economic reasons, however. Their free expressions exist through their art.

enzo ikah

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This post is also available in: We played together, and he offered me a guitar. These people who have been forced to migrate talk about the injustices that they have faced and their demand for peace and freedom through their art. Please enter your name here. I want to speak for myself. Because of the poverty, pain and despair he has witnessed, Enzo tries to give hope ikan people. He is more critical of refugees who leave their countries for economic reasons, snzo.

But he preferred to sing his own songs. It is very important for him to be able to express iikah and his ideas through his music. He talks about one of his concert experiences: The store owner gave him a guitar as a gift and so he returned to his music career.

I see music as inspiration. You have entered an incorrect email address! He has to take all the risks to eat and survive.


I had the chance to sit with the charismatic Ikah, who was generous iakh to share insights about his journey from being a child in Congo to becoming a prominent musician in Turkey. Love and peace instead of war and hatred In his songs, Enzo talks about his life and the things he comes across each day.

In Conversation with Musician Enzo Ikah

Once you get there, you have nothing left and you will find rnzo low-paying job at best. Over the years, Ikah has become an inspiring figure, especially for young people. So many years have gone by with wars and hatred… I promote peace and love with my songs, I try to wake people up and make them become aware.

Humility and faith allow you to seize opportunities even in ilah darkest situations. This interaction is very important.

Enzo Ikah | Offical Website

Theatre Puts A Spotlight on Community. Yet, he never lost sight of his ultimate goal of using music iakh advocate for a unified humanity.

Their free expressions exist through their art.

enzo ikah

He played with his Tanzanian friend Bob for a while, and then with the Turkish eenzo group Bandista, which plays revolutionary marching music in a nezo style. At 16, I wrote my first song. Unlike the other lions, who rely on the females to hunt and bring the food, the Ikah lion only relies on himself.


Ikah says that he gets his strength from his grandmother Agnes, who taught him about the power of humility and belief in oneself.

In Conversation with Musician Enzo Ikah

I add the energy reflected to me by the audience to my music. After awhile I started to sing along.

enzo ikah

At that point, the corrupt system that he had been criticising worked to his advantage, and Enzo was able to bribe the soldiers and run away. These political issues that I talk about are in fact things that I have faced in my life.

Enzo Ikah Band on stage at French Cultural Center

But once you arrive in your new country, you have to raise yourself up. Enzo stayed at the Kumkapi Foreigner Guest House. Ikah uses a metaphor to describe the challenges of moving to Istanbul: