This is so that in general there is less confusion between players with similar colors. Quests, Events, Deeds Reply. Highest-tier reduction, cannot be further reduced. Rheem’s Player Color Mod If you wish you maybe easily change the color values manually. Updates are available for Disharmony–check the version history to get the right one for you.

endless space patch 1.0.60

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Click here to login. To fix these kind of bugs, it’s more convenient for us to compile them here, as much as possible. I was tasked to colonize a certain planet in a system I already had a colony in.

Thanks for your report! Added defense bonuses to Engine modules to make the pafch ones more viable in Ship Design.

Endless space patch 1.0.60

First of all huge credit goes to Jamesyoung79 and his excellently structured Sectoid mod, whose work was patvh tremendous help in my development of this mod.

This addon pack cannot be used without Imperium Aeterna already installed. This mod brings the total up to with several tiers of upgrades for most anomalies.

endless space patch 1.0.60

Though I never went to the system nor researched any curiosities present, I got pop-ups for the quest after a while. Combat cards and AI tweaks have been added later on and soon lots of other changes followed. Negative effects and positive effects.


My assumption is an AI faction researched the system, prompting my faction quest. Makes the pirate faction available for use as an appearance for ednless custom faction. Additionally the Exploitation types are also colored according to their type. Coloured Tooltip Benefits — making it easy to instantly spot what benefit applies to what aspect of your empire.

endless space patch 1.0.60

If a ship at full health moves 6 PC, then a ship at health while move 1 PC 1. D Hello, No, I did not own it. VIP iblise Newcomer 4 g2g pts. I overwrited backup autosaves by mistake. I tested it with 1.

Patch Notes :: Endless Space 2 Общие обсуждения

Some anomalies were made as prior steps to others, such as Unfriendly Locals and Neutral Locals upgrading into Friendly Locals and beyond. It’s the only weird little exception parch I haven’t quite figured out, but it doesn’t hurt anything. Ail Newcomer 4 g2g pts.

I guess it’s time i advertise my endleas mod: This mod adds many new faction traits to the game, most of them expansions on the traits included in the base game.


Maybe it is beacause one of quest planets is unique – so it have different name than system it is in and quest is not registering it. Sandbox Mod Update Status: Click here to read it.

Quests, Events, Deeds – Endless Space 2

Adds the planet expansion terraformations to the following techs: Description I am supposed to bring back the craver ship to my home system but when it’s done, nothing happens Coloured Exploitations — making it easier to distinguish between exploitation types. Quests, Events, Deeds Reply. So the quest works but some parts were solved automatically or triggered by somebody else. December 13, v1 ES version: After that clicking on government screen hangs shows some empty “windows” at this screen and stops the game – windows menu “program stopped responding” shows.