Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Introduced the Blu-ray Cinavia Removal module. A crash problem when opening Blu-ray source after a DVD source was opened in certain cases. Added the webpage link to correct metadata information for Movie Server in the drop-down menu of the output destination selection box. This means, we will continue updating DVDFab 9 for existing customers in the future. A no sound problem when playback the ripped 3d. It’ll just do a bit copy and strip out the copy protection.

dvd fab

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January 13, DVDFab Added the support for new Java protection.

dvd fab

Very fast copying speed. All the existing customers performing updates shall get DVDFab 9 back again, with identical capacities as you always have, although we will not sell DVDFab 9 to new customers any more.

Removed the watermark logo from the output results during the trial period.

dvd fab

A problem that FPS frames per second is analyzed wrongly, when reading. Improved some UI display issues. Improved the support for the Merge feature in the Video Converter module. A problem that the Saturation setting at the Video Edit panel of the Video Converter module does not work.


Added the support for a new copy protection as found on the The Hunger Games: A wrong color space problem when converting with profile MKV. MacOSX Ease of use: A problem that wrong audio track selected in certain cases in Ripper.

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A problem that profiles uses too much memory. A problem that failed to rip with avi.

Problem is, it doesn’t have a 2 pass mode for reencoding or transcoding DVDs. Added the support to choose the wanted audios only to get the better video quality in Blu-ray Copy Fulldisc mode. Improved the Task Queue Manager when processing multiple tasks. August 13, DVDFab 9.


Download Nero Platinum Rating Rating from November 21, DVDFab 9. A problem that cannot xvd output folder if it contains east Asia character like Japanese. February 20, DVDFab Introduced the Free version of the Video Converter module.

A title removed problem when PathPlayer is enabled, if the disc has authoring error.


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Added support to preserve file chapters in Video Converter. A problem that cannot create DVD with external subtitle. A problem that the tools icons for Advanced Settings, Video Edit and Preview cannot be displayed in certain cases. Review by mail2tom on Jul 22, Version: The response I get every time I report is as follows: Added the support to retain the playlist information when converting BDAV discs in the Ripper module. Improved for server connection.

A crash problem when switching to Video Converter module after source is opened in Copy.

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Added 90.7.2 support to remove Cinavia watermarks found on the Chef and Whiplash. Preview title like real Blu-ray player. A problem that Video Downloader plug-in could not be used by Blu-ray Creator trial users.