Some texture pack also gives you a new HUD as well as changing the menu and logos, such as in this case, where the pack does just that. Carpenter’s Blocks Mod Support 1. Thaumcraft Mod Support 1. Share it with your friends! Railcraft Mod Support 1. CompactSolars Mod Support 1.

dokucraft high 1.7.3

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Progressive Automation Mod Support 1. Flower Tea Mod Support 1. Share it with your friends! Tinkers Construct Mod Support 1. All three styles look just as good, but there are some subtle and more obvious differences when using any one of the three.

Dokucraft, The Saga Continues Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.8/1.7

Thaumic Exploration Mod Support 1. Chisel Mod Support 1. Just Enough Items Mod Support 1. Elemental Creepers Mod Support 1.

Home Minecraft Resource Packs Dokucraft: The pack looks like something from medieval times, dokucrft example there is a helmet that now looks like a royal crown, doors and such have a medieval look and so on. X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1. Sometime, resource packs include sounds in along with textures. Lucky Block Mod Support 1.


[32x][x] Dokucraft (beta) Texture Pack | Minecraft World

Dokucraft Dark, on the other hand, makes all the updated textures significantly darker. Reforged Mod Support 1.

Download Dokucraft Light for Minecraft 1. Buildcraft Mod Support 1. While the resolution is not the highest, it still looks pretty good.

dokucraft high 1.7.3

Tubes Mod Support 1. Dokucraft Dark 32x Resource Pack 1. Railcraft Mod Support 1. The Twilight Forest Mod Support 1.

dokucraft high 1.7.3

So… why do the creepers look complete derp? Hopper Ducts Mod Support 1. Ender Storage Mod Support 1. Better Foliage Mod Support 1. Geolosys Mod Support 1. Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.

DokuCraft Resource Pack The Saga Continues –

Dokucraft High utilizes many gray shades to make dooucraft more vivid without being too bright or bold. Dokucraft is an amazing and very popular resource and texture pack for Minecraft. You have entered an incorrect email address!

dokucraft high 1.7.3

Big Reactors Mod Support 1. Ultra Compression Mod Support 1. Sunday, September hogh, WildCaves 3 Mod Support 1. MiniDoku Light 16x Resource Pack 1.