Click here to read an article by Google about the change. I need technical support. Click here to learn how to use this feature. As stated previously, I’m pretty sure this is related to the Android 2. Google Calendar will sync in real-time.

companionlink 3.0

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You must take action to prevent sync interruptions. You need to ensure the required connection type between the PC and the mobile device and provide the authentication details, then start the process with one mouse click.

companionlink 3.0

Also the problem has deteriorated so far, that it will no longer sync at all. Google does not yet support real-time sync for Comapnionlink Contacts. No help yet and now in a worse situation, I followed all your steps exactly. Delete DejaOffice from your Android Phone. CompanionLink Professional was reviewed companionljnk Elizabeta Virlan. We can get calendar updates without checking the server. Companionlinnk do not need to take any action.

Visit this page for our phone number and online ticket form. Before November 17,enable the Calendar v3 setting in CompanionLink. I need technical support.


How can I contact you? Changed installer text to “update”. Google will shut off access to Calendar v1 and v2 on November 17, I’m also concerned about getting through this before the end of your day.

Thanks Rolloutman, Sorry I misread your original post and provided the wrong advice above.

CompanionLink unable to log into Google to sync calendar – مساعدة التقويم

If you do not wish to hold on the phone, please submit an online ticket. Be sure to enter the login credentials for the accounts, services or databases you are using, if required, for the transfer to be quickly performed.

If you own a license to CompanionLink, update for free. Click here to learn how to use this feature. You may get a faster response. It’s fully automatic and instant.

Companionlink 3.09 issue, only partial sync

We were also receiving the dialog box on the handset: Please advise the best next steps. Upgrade to CompanionLink 6 for real-time two-way sync. Run CompanionLink on your PC. Let us know if after doing that the performance improves.


With its light graphic interface, CompanionLink Professional is a reliable and simple to setup utility, for any type of users.

Click to load comments. Yes, if you sync to Google Calendar. You can create several sync profiles, in order to facilitate future data transfers.

companionlink 3.0

Should we be connecting in some other more direct way so we don’t drag others through all this rough detail until we find a solution? Any gotchas we need to be aware of or other suggestions?

Various fixes to prevent memory leaks.

If you are still syncing with the old API you may see this error message:.