Now let’s restore the files to the “restores” directory located on your desktop. Where can I find out more? Deploy, Configure, Manage, Report, Optimize. The Bacula Manual’s key introductory sections are: Click the green “plus sign” to add a new Device resource and fill in all the information as shown in the image below. With the Trial Kickstart, you will also find three White Papers related to specific features:

bweb management suite

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First type a name for your Pool, specify the label format and the storage to use, as illustrated in the printscreen below and click on Add to create it. The job log output will show only a few additional kB of backed up data because the file is deduplicated and not stored again with only pointers to the original file stored: You should type it many times to see the termination status “Restore OK”. Next, we need to create a Storage resource in the Director that points to this new device called “Cloud-Drive-Bucket-usvolumes”.

The window refreshes to display the job options available. The entered passwords will be set both for the local Linux accounts as well as PostgreSQL accounts of the same name. Full upgraded from Incremental Client: The commands are available in a Linux shell.


Want to see our full range of backup tools? Restoring files from your previous backup using BWeb Management Suite Now let’s restore the files to the “restores” directory located on your desktop.

If you don’t see this choice on your screen, please go to Directors and click on Restart Director. From the list of clients, click the checkbox manageemnt to the new Windows client, then click the second “Status” icon on the far right.

Boot from ISO image. If installing on bare metal, choices will be provided for optionally configuring jumbo frames or ethernet trunking.

BWEB Management System

If the previous Status command runs as expected, we can now run our new backup job: Click on Jobs in the top menu, then Defined Jobs in the drop down menu. After the reboot, the Trial Kickstart displays a bwdb page that gives you the information you need to access BWeb Management Suite, the monitoring and administration web tool.

bweb management suite

Once the job is done you should have a display like this please check the total size of the backup, highlighted below: The resulting installation is intended to be administered using BWeb or the Linux command-line. Click the “Add a new Client resource” in the Wizards menu on the left. Please note that the Region field at the bottom may also need to be modified to match your environment.


Begin pruning Jobs older than 6 months. Click on FileSet in the tab menu. Please check you have the following settings for your Job except client name and Level.

bweb management suite

Run the following command as root: Bacula Enterprise bacula – dir 8. Now let’s restore the files to the “restores” directory located on your desktop. Download the technical White Paper here.

You will be taken to the running job information window. List Jobs where a given File is saved 3: Here you should see a page similar to the image below: Console connected at 31 – Jan – 18 Bacula Enterprise bacula – dir – dir 8.

New Bweb Bacula Enterprise GUI

You should have an output like: Where can I find out more? It allows the testing of all Bacula Trial products and installation on the clients of all supported platforms. It is amnagement on the CentOS Linux distribution and is designed to be installed and ready to use in 30 minutes.