Brutal mania .io

In Brutal mania .io you get to the fight arena, where fighters will battle each for themselves. At the beginning of the game, the player will be able to choose a weapon of three options. Choose a bat, a hammer or a spiked bat at your discretion. After you have entered the game, a fierce battle begins. Some players will be stronger than yours, as they have reached a certain level and were able to buy new uniforms and weapons on the money earned.

From the second level, you will find a long stick in the Armory list. In the next level you will have the opportunity to buy a sword that is much more effective for the bat. The farther you play, the more options The units will appear in your arsenal. Just earn money on armor that will protect your hero's body from enemy strikes.

Control here is carried out by the mouse, and strikes you can put a click on the left button. Keep track of your character's level of life and don't let it fall to the minimum value. If on the horizon you meet an opponent whose standard of living is greater than your war, try not to join him in the fight, as the chances of winning it will be more!

Brutal mania .io

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