Bruh .io

Bruh .io online first person shooter. The city is under siege of a mad military general and his insane soldiers. You are the last hope of this city and you have to become a real hero who can repel an attack and protect the city. You will face hundreds of armed soldiers and multiple units of military equipment, like tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks and even helicopters.

The game consists of various missions in which you will need to cope with certain tasks. For example, to kill 100 soldiers, destroy 5 tanks, destroy 10 fortifications and so on. In the process of game you can find money, first-aid kits, weapons and various bonuses. Collecting money you can buy in the store new types of weapons, endless cartridges, a new-look for the character.

Each mission of Bruhio has special difficulties, it is worth to act carefully and save a health reserve, because you play alone against the whole army. Show them how well you wield weapons and how to win.

Bruh .io

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