Using the D to configure the D The D Software is the recommended way to program the network devices. All of the programmable configuration parameters are listed on the next page with the valid values. Refer to Section 2. D Connections Mounting the D Mount the D on a rail or other user-supplied spot behind the D that it will be connected to. Each number can be 0 to The unit requires a static IP Address.

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If standard Lantronix firmware is installed on a D, the device will no longer function on a D No data activity Solid Yellow: Click on the Save XML As button to save the changes made and enter a name for these configuration settings.

When it is connected directly to the D it will obtain an Auto-IP address. The values that are changed will be displayed in red as shown below. The device bosh save the changes and reboot with the new configuration. Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Data received by D on Channel 1 Off: Power OK Blinking 2x: Verify that the D is properly installed, connected, and powered. Refer to Section 2. Encryption must also be enabled in the D Receiver. Disconnect the Ethernet cable connecting the PC and the D and connect the D to the network switch or router as required.


Bosch Conettix ITS-DINTL Installation guide

Follow these instructions to avoid the possibility of harm to the operator, or damage to the equipment. However, connecting a private network to the Internet requires using registered IP addresses called Internet addresses to avoid duplicates. Using the D to configure the D The D Software is the recommended x6200 to program the network devices. Enter in the Setting dialog: Trademarks All hardware and software product names used in this document are likely to be registered trademarks and must be treated accordingly.

Refer to Figure 3. The D will be shown in the list with the IP address. The unit requires boshc static IP Address.

If encryption is enabled on the D, you must enable it on all field devices B, DXG, B, etc with the same key. The format of an IP address using IPv4 is a bit numeric address written as four numbers or fields separated by periods.

Bosch Conettix D6100 Communications Receiver/Gateway En Us Data Sheet 2667274123

Within an isolated network, you can assign IP addresses at random if each one is unique. Refer to Sections 3. Each number can be 0 to Data received by D on Channel 2 Off: Record the Boscg address and keep it for reference. The program will scan the network for the device. Data transmitted from D on Channel 2 Off: Many of the operational features of the D can be altered through programming options.


Setup Menu active Off: Serial speed ranging from bps to In order to access the configuration program, ensure that the D and the PC used to configure it are directly connected using an Ethernet cable. The programming options you choose depend on: