Find your song – Iris Another senseless ballad. Interesting though in it’s current condition. Singing in the night – Saules Kliosas Another stylish pop song with nice vocal. Girl can’t sing so didn’t deserve much. Final itself is very average, and even big changes won’t help.

boris rezak samo moja

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Boring ballad with poor vocal.

boris rezak samo moja

Ranking of this preselection was already present at the site, so I only added comments. Though not so badly. I’m so in love – Naktines Personos Good dance number with strong lyrics and arrangement. Boy band with pop song.

Should be favourite next years. Stay – Aika Famous discoband performed interesting, easy to remember song.

Rank itself was available at the site, so I’ll just add comments. In general – not bad accoustic-synthesizer song with strong vocals, which was considered as main favourite.

I can’t bear another moment without you My soul hurts, my heart is sour Tonight be more beautiful than anything Because that’s what I need, that’s what I need Hope you and your wife will enjoy more the song! The sun shines – Kim ‘Kay Very popular song among eurofans. One step away – Ira Losco This time Ira performed only 2 songs mona preselection. Die Engel tanzen um Mitternacht per te – Nina Dimitri Bolivian resident produced unforgettable performance with brilliant vocal display.


Hide and seek – Fiona Cauchi Rock entry performed by Fiona on motobike. Samo nemoj danas – Mija Martina Brilliant vocal-dance song of 17 years old contestant.

But overall impression is not so bad. It’s obvious that system of preselection of moka rounds and 2 independent juries is not working anymore.

Boris Rezak – ti si moja Please can someone translate this song for me?! Last to know -Excellence Techno-pop of another girl band, nothing different from other songs in same style.

Whoever koja – no chance in ESC at all. But song itself is extremely poor. Baby Blue – Gianni Rijavec Very strong vocal performance in standard song.

Boris rezak andjeo download itunes download

Strongly performed it fit 3rd place well. Za samo edna nok – Aneta Eftimova Poor vocal in standard song that doesn’t keep in mind. Sista andetaget – Jan Johansen Superb ballad, excellent vocal. Songs that didn’t qualified to the mmoja – Lovestruck – Honey Trap Released in Sweden before the deadline so it wasn’t disqualified just because it didn’t qualified.


Heaven in my life – Fiona Cauchi Another not so impressive performance by Fiona, this time country song with guitar.

Mary J. Blige fеаt. Drake – Mr. Wrong 2011 (бг Превод)

Waiting for your feedback, though I know that in CIS I’m probably the only person who followed preselections in full. Absolutely unprofessional two step with reza vocal. Only top 3 placers were announced officially, other placings are rumoured by national newspapers. You should try to understand that this is typical German-Austrian style, and there will be more tracks like this in future.

Final itself is very average, and even big changes won’t help. In Israel preselection was run among 4 songs performed by Sarit Hadad.

boris rezak samo moja

Extremely poor vocal perfomance and awful rapping by American performer. What goes up – Danae Really deserved it.