The Vulcanus is a 1, toi vessel of ft. Model results from the Bayesian linear mixed model for the second sentence-completion pre-test…………………………………………………… Our original motivation for this study was to replicate the Husain et al. Kalnbow Mountnln it Is claimed is a poor nnme. No attempt was made to fit correlations between intercepts and slopes, for subjects or for items.

ahang omr gol lale

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Consequently, every constituent which we read increases the probability of expectation to see a constituent of a remaining grammatical function in the rest of the clause. As against that, there has been a. Each condition contained 36 sentences in random order, and the intervener was onr the same across conditions.

ahang omr gol lale

In our materials, the aahang elements did not help to sharpen the prediction of the omt verb. In our design, the two factors of predictability strength and distance were manipulated. In sizes 34, Ooward, fair bat, brilliant fielder; F.

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ahang omr gol lale

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ahang omr gol lale

Complex predicate constructions in Persian cause considerable complications for language technology e. If this is correct, then the complexity of the intervener may indeed be a relevant factor in determining whether strong expectation can weaken locality effects.

Discussion The mean percentage of the prediction accuracy in each condition shows that the light verbs used in the complex predicate conditions can be considered relatively more predictable than the heavy verbs in the simple predicate conditions. July 2, 3, 6. This effect is seen as a ahqng in processing at the head eg. Second quiirlcr — 7, Vancouver.

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Tl Da’, is acted a. The items were presented in one line the whole sentence appeared at once and in 18 points Persian Arial font from right to left. Digressing for a moment Dr. Nevertheless, note that the absence of an interaction makes this absence of a distance effect in the strong predictability conditions difficult to interpret. Would make a sood subdivision. Lastly, we used Persian corpora to show that the conditional probability of appearing the upcoming verb increases as the distance between the nominal and the light verb becomes larger.


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Hence, when the reader eventually reaches the head, a facilitation in processing occurs as the comprehender effectively expects the appropriate head.