As an alternative to manual install we are looking into adding the Intranet RS servers to trusted sites. Such errors may be due to the file being in use, access being denied, or the source file not being found. Extract the file to the folder in step 12a. There are many version of report viewer in the Microsoft website and please pay attention to the system requirements section. In report viewer, there is a print button on top right of the toolbar when you browse report in IE.

activex control

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In the pop-up “Internet Properties” dialog box. The bit version is: Asked 2 years, 11 months ago. Then the alert window wills pop-up. Monday, January 11, 9: Again, it is necessary to note that administration permissions are required for downloading and installing the rsclientprint ActiveX.

activex control

So the end users running on the client computers can not download and install the ActiveX print client file RSClientPrint. The link described installing a inf at first. However it led me to another post that solves the issue.

activex control

By continuing to use this website, you agree to use. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The question is how could administrator help the end users to solve this problem? The ActiveX control displays a custom print dialog box that supports common features with other print dialog boxes.


Improving the question-asking experience. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact tnmff microsoft. When you the print button, the configuration dialog of printing will pop-up after you have already installed the SSRS ActiveX in your computer.

I have not seen this error.

Monday, November 17, After that action I see in the eventlog the following:. You can also find the ReportServer bin folder by openning the IIS Manager and then exploring the ReportServer if installed with default settings virtual directory.

Maybe there is an easier way to do this that I am overlooking but I am struggling to find a resource to point me in the right direction. If a user runs a SQL Server Reporting Services report and if the toolbar is displayed, the user can click on the print buttons seen on the right side of the toolbar. Printing is not available.

Side by side versioning of Internet Explorer ActiveX Addons (with the same filename)

I get the following error when I press print Printing is not available. Sign in to vote.

The client-side print dialog box includes a printer list for selection, print preview option, page margin settings, orientation, etc. Type the location of the folder to which to copy files or the location of the files to be modified.


Reporting Services Client-Side Printing Silent Deployment of ActiveX

Toolbar of the report viewer. When pressing the button, a popup appears with the message “Printing is not available. Remove a file or multiple files in one folder for computers or users.

Have you seen this issue?

Reporting Services Client-Side Printing and Silent Deployment of ActiveX file.

Does anyone have an idea? Hi Kate, Using the local admin account, I receive 2 prompts: If you copy the files listed below under the folder C: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Make sure to check out the reporting services known issues before you migrate to the new version. You will realize that the Print options is very similar to standart Print dialog boxes that run on Windows systems including preview, number of copies, print range, printer selecting from available printers, etc.