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aaja nachiye boliyan paiye

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Regarding contour, the majority of the phrases fall into the middle range where it is most conjunctbut the ends of the phrases go up.

aaja nachiye boliyan paiye

Saturday 14 September Wednesday 21 August For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. It is playing a rhythm of eight notes; the first four are the same, higher pitch, and the latter four are the same, lower pitch.

Sunday 25 August Wednesday 24 April Wednesday 11 September Friday 30 August The first verse begins at fourteen seconds and is made up of six phrases: Tuesday 7 May Sunday 31 March paiyee Thursday 18 July Tuesday 16 July Monday nachye August The timbre is that of an electric keyboard and it provides a rhythm rather than a melody. At thirty-two seconds, the chorus begins with a part sung aajq loudly by all the girls.


aaja nachiye boliyan paiye

New text is introduced with phrase B and C nachigeand then they return before D is introduced and repeated. Monday 2 September There is a long phrase phrase onefollowed by a shorter phrase that repeats the second half of phrase one.

Aaja Nachiye Boliyan Paiye-Dj Rekha-KKBOX

Saturday 6 July Saturday 10 August Thursday 27 June Monday 15 July Wednesday 22 May Tuesday 10 September There is repetition and variation between the phrases: Friday 19 July Wednesday 8 May Three seconds into the song, a new timbre and layer rises as cymbals increase in volume crescendo. Saturday 13 July Sunday 5 May Friday 12 April Also in contrast to the introduction, these notes begin on a low—not high—note having the pitch succession low, high, low, high, low.

Wednesday 26 June

aaja nachiye boliyan paiye