Who has been at the bottom of the well knows that on the way to the surface we find several “Masters of the mages” who tell us, without words, precious things about life and ourselves. Lets see three species that pass through here time after time, beggining with our cheerful and fearless resident the blue-tit Cyanistes caeruleus. The common genet Genetta genetta , is a medium-sized carnivore belonging to the family of viverrids with a unique and unmistakable appearance in the Iberian fauna. Hoje, tenho por isso o prazer de vos apresentar o Musaranho-de-dentes-brancos Crocidura russula! I was intrigued and after some research I discovered that it was a couple of European stonechats saxicola rubicola! Sabem de quem falo? Its the beginning of spring!

a centopeia que pensava

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Already in a psychoanalysis, quickly how long is it quickly? I can safely ventopeia that, Banjo got home feeling good and fatter, ready for his hibernation season.

This species is generally monogamous, and each pair builds its nest on the ground or very close to it. The adult female has a brown plumage dusky without major notes. A relaxing and enchanting journey in its lensava. The large eyes and large ears are essential weapons to the success of its nightlife.

There are things that life teaches us.

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Its antennae are yellow and have 17 to 31 segments called tergites. More news soon, see you in spring!! The technique of attack its quite interesting, it will use its hind legs to grab the prey, then twist the trunk until it centopea inject the venom with the tweezers that are in its head first segment of the body. Posted by Francisco Baptista.


Three days later he was pnesava new and spirited a good sign! These are drawn with a dark stripe at the end. Tem coisas que a vida nos ensina.

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pensaga Not only were plants taking advantage of the pool but an unimaginable quantity and highly varied species of insects! Basta desaprender o receio de mudar. In these months of sun one of the most charismatic inhabitants of the farm is undoubtedly the great spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos major. Thanks to the six thousand sharp thorns that cover much of the hedgehog body, he was not successful.

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Orange-red breast extending up to chat and flanks, rump mottled dark brown may display a white spot in the summer. The stonechat is usually territorial throughout the year when sedentary in an area. Finally, the shrew is part of the diet w various animals including the genet, foxand different birds of prey.

a centopeia que pensava

These eggs are to be hatched and raised by both members of the couple. During the day prefers dark and humid places: But also takes old woodpecker cavities or some nesting box he can find.


Their usual prey is rodents, but amphibians and birds also belong to their diet.

a centopeia que pensava

The methods chosen by the bird may change according to time of year. This hability combined with their sense of smell and very sharp hearing, makes this animal one eximio and accurate hunter. Lets see three species that pass through here time after time, beggining with cdntopeia cheerful and fearless resident the blue-tit Cyanistes caeruleus.

While juvenile are yellow with the head in shades of orange and the dark stripe, blue. Penasva will pursue her relentlessly, wherever she may go. Tireless, every year travels thousands of miles in a migration made from Africa to grace us with his ode to spring. Timid and elusive they quickly realize my presence and fled. It lays typically between 3 to 5 eggs.

I decided to remove the old plastic pool that was wrapped and dropped beneath the poplars one year ago. We have learned that the people around us expect much less from us than we demand and suppose.