In the Backup group: Page 12 66 Working with the Hardware Inventory Manager In the Manager Pane, click Events. Column Description Position The location of the port in node: System The system where the export originated.

3par inform management console 4.2 software

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In the Last text box, enter the appropriate number to narrow the displayed events.

3par management console – d8taDude

Optional If you wish to display tasks for a single system, select a system under the InServs node. The lower pane displays the same information as the lower pane of the Summary Information screen. Right-click the selection and then click Cancel Task in the menu that appears.

3par inform management console 4.2 software

Message Code The alert message code. Page 62 18 Editing a System You can edit the identification, identification information, properties, and alert settings for any system connected to the InForm Management Console. The upper and lower panes are described in greater detail below.

Column Description Name The name of the logical managemetn.

3par inform management console 4.2 software

Name – Enter a name for your chart. Column Description System The system on which the adapter resides. Place your mouse on the top edge of the Manager Pane. The Export Virtual Volume wizard appears. From the Systems managemfnt, select the system to which objects will be moved.


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Right-click the template you wish to remove. Page 10 Logical Disk Layout Pane Node The node number. The history information appears. Click Next to enter allocation settings or view summary information, or click Finish. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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The Provisioning screen appears in the Management Window. Comments – Enter any notes.

In the menu that appears, click Edit. In the screen output above, the Magazines tab has been accessed from the InServs node all connected storage server level on the Management Tree.

Page 26 Working with the Interface Page 27 2 About Introduction Tabs Managers are groups of displays and actions, which are specific to different system areas of management.

In the Management Window, click the Events tab. Page 58 The upper and lower panes are described in greater detail below.

HP 3PAR InForm OS Extended MU7 Release Notes |

Domain The domain in which the CPG resides. Domain Softwaer number of domain users. The upper pane displays a summary of provisioning tasks for the storage server. Page Step 1. When making the Manager Pane smaller, the Manager buttons located at the bottom of the pane change to icons.


To obtain a copy of this documentation, see http: In a Synchronous Long Distance Remote Copy configuration, a single Remote Copy group is copied directly to volumes on two other unform by admitting the volumes to groups with two targets. You can enter an alternate name if you wish. The list of values for each property are listed in the Defined Value column on the right.

The Summary tab for a single system displays the following information: Click the Filter icon.