Adesso sono le Una volta aperto 3d-analyzer vedrete sulla colonna sinistra intitolata “File Selection” 4 punti: Thx for the help! Every version of 3DA is there, by the way, so you could keep trying different ones if you want. Looks like I am the 3DA expert.

3d-analyze 2.16a

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If this email address is not valid, or you no longer have access to it, you can update your account details at https: Thanks a lot for that link ArcticNova.

3d-analyze 2.16a

Le faccine sono Attivato. Any suggestions or ideas to get the thing to run? Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. Pixel Shader version 1. Reply Share this post. Hey i need some help to on fixing this Pixel Shader of mine cause mine says theres no pixel shader detected and this is really starting to get me really upset about this. All times are GMT – 8 Hours.

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We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. Tue Sep 28, 7: Meglio assicurarsi che lo schermo la regga Prendiamo poi “Game Fixes” che si divide in cinque opzioni: FPS, poligoni per frame, poligoni al secondo, e utilizzo della ram video solo in directx. Try using an older version of 3d analyzer if 3d-ahalyze keep getting errors about it having to close. Cerca 3d-anqlyze messaggi di re-voodoo.


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Disabilita 3d-anlyze lighting pipeline delle directx. If this doesn’t work, then that’s not the problem and I don’t know how to solve yours, having never encountered it.

3d-analyze 2.16a

Forumzone Community – Archivio – Torna su. Looks like I am the 3DA expert. Im running a geforce 4 MX, and im pretty sure its a So I tried 3d-analyez 2. Every version of 3DA is there, by the way, so you could keep trying different ones if you want.

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News Commenta le news pubblicate su 3dfxzone. I heard stories about the new version of 3D analyze being the pain in the behind here. Quando un gioco ne fa uso su una scheda che non lo supporta vedi le voodoola texture viene comunque visualizzata, ma senza compressione. The demo worked fine thugh. If you 3d-amalyze get an error message, error reporting may be turned off. Thx for the help! Whatever, try it out here. So I check updates and autopatch the game turn on emulate TnL in 3da and run omfb retail and it just sits there.


I don’t see why my use of 3DA makes me an “expert”. Pick Disable error reporting BUT notify me when a critical error occurs: What usually happens is you get an “Illegal Operation” style error box, which you have to leave up.

3d-analyze 2.16a

Utilizza una minore precisione per il pixel shader dal 2. Attiva l’emulazione del cube mapping, ovvero la simulazione della rifrazione di un ambiente in un oggetto lucido.