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In Warbot.io game you have to manage a small, but very capable robot. After a series of successful operations to fight a criminal organization creating a prohibited weapon, the situation once again worsened. Reliable sources reported on several remaining active factories that are still engaged in the production of weapons, without any permits.

Playing the Warbotio game, you play the role of captain of the quantum patrol, who will manage a mechanical bot and take part in an operation to destroy enemy robots and factories. The game consists of missions, in each of which you will be assigned a special task. After the successful completion of the work your bot takes the aircraft and takes it to the base, where you can buy various improvements, pumping and new weapons. You must pump your robot to the maximum and perform all missions as quickly as possible to prevent the beginning of an enemy attack.

In our time, the strongest warriors are robots, because the era of robots is coming! Playing Warbot.io, your task will be to assemble the most powerful robot of the warrior, who will be able to defend humanity and perform various combat missions. You will be able to test weapons, as well as expose him to a training battle, against a similar opponent to look at their real capabilities.