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We bring to your attention one more very cheerful and fascinating multiplayer game that has not only an exciting plot, but also a fun idea and a lot of opportunities for maneuvers. Voar.ac is a specific flight simulator in Earth orbit. Here, players do not need to punch each other for a set of glasses, and even on the contrary, it is desirable to avoid hassles and not to interfere with rivals in their bends.

The number of points scored in Voar.io depends on the duration of the flight. The longer the spaceplane lasted in open space, the more points it earned. Speed of the set of rating indicators depends on the trajectory of the given route, balls are closer to the globe faster, in the distance it is slower. Collision immediately reduces the accumulated experience, and entry into the zone of gravity of the Moon ends in a loss and return to the starting point, to start.

To activate the gameplay in Voar.ac, it’s enough to take off and get beyond the dotted line. There, we must maneuver among rivals and avoid clashes, constantly increasing our rating. You need to control the spaceship with a computer mouse, simply by holding its left key for a while. It is also worthwhile to constantly monitor the fuel reserves and replenish its reserves as necessary.