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We invite you to evaluate the new multiplayer shooter, the browser-based online game Tugs.io. This game can be singled out separately from the list of io games, as it has many individual advantages: an unusual fascinating plot, ease of management, good graphics, and most importantly the possibility of pumping weapons, which is not always found in other gaming applications of this type.

Naturally, the combat task in Tugsio is standard and customary, to kill all opponents and improve their character, promoting it to the top lines of the rating table. The best player is the one who managed to destroy more enemies. To give strength to the hero, you need to collect multi-colored triangles on the playing field or hunt for rivals.

For each defeated enemy soldier, the player has balls, they can be spent on the purchase of more powerful weapons. Weapon stores in Tugs.io are located in the gray areas on the screen, there also sometimes comes across and thrown by someone from playing weapons. To pick up the arsenal, it’s enough to just come close and touch it. You can control the protagonist either with the mouse or using the ASDW keys, and you can shoot with the left mouse button.