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Unlike many io games in which players compete and play against each other, in a new multiplayer online game, all the players stand on one side of the barricades and simultaneously fight against common opponents. The main thing here is cooperation and mutual assistance, timely assistance and coordinated actions. For better communication, there is a chat room at the bottom of the playing field, where you can correspond and coordinate your plans.

The main task in Tringleio to repulse the pressure of alien flying ships, which simultaneously will attack players from different sides. The enemy’s starships are painted black, the aircraft of the comrades-in-arms are colored. If one enemy avalanche is successfully repulsed, the next, more powerful, will follow it, so it will cope with it, will be times heavier.

Each spacecraft in can be pumped, for this, it is enough to pick up fragments after the explosion of an enemy rocket and strengthen its lethal force. In addition to conventional shooting from laser guns, players are also available to a nuclear explosion, it can be used only if the special scale above the character is filled and colored yellow. Using an explosive booster, there is a chance to destroy several enemies in the shock wave zone.