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Totil.Space is a battle of the knights with each other for the prize gold coins. But it’s not enough to just take a coin, it still needs to be brought to a bank that accepts gold in exchange for winning points and strengthening your weapons. The main task, like in many other io games, is to get to the top of the TOP and look at it from other players. And put a personal record.

In order to do this in TotilSpace, you need to approach the dragons, which are indicated on the mini card with green Christmas trees and take gold coins from them. Then the coins must be taken to one of the four Banks. When the Bank draws coins, you will earn victory points, if you need it, you will get healthier and your weapons will increase. Somewhere around fifty points your spear will grow, after which the end of growth will come. The most pumped weapons can kill rivals who only entered the game with one hit.

Totil.Space is a very contact game. The fact is that one can take coins from each other, from the dispersal, destroy the opponent’s booty and fight with each other to the death. Knights are running from the take-off, and most of the damage is applied when hit in the back or sides. The character moves behind the mouse, double click to hit.