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This is a network game in which many people can play simultaneously, and in which, like in nature, the strongest survive. A small worm, which you control, eats nutritious glowing particles and grows larger and longer. In general, this is the goal of the game: it becomes more and more. There is one more means of increasing the size of your own body: a collision with rivals in any convenient way for you. If you encounter an enemy, he perishes and splits into many small nutritious squares.

You eat them and become many times larger, but the speed of movement and maneuverability in this case are reduced. However, consider that in at the same time play thousands of people around the world, and the worm that you want to destroy, is controlled by some kind of gamer, and therefore nothing more stupid than you, and will also try to destroy you.

In addition, in Snixio the game is quite well-developed system of upgrading, which makes the passage of the game as simple as possible.