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We all stuck in the video, where the ball goes through the mind-blowing winding paths, slats, pendants and other things to its goal. invites us to play on behalf of the ball and get to the final hole. The main task is to reach the final hole. In the process, you can fight with other players, but the goal, again, not in this. Fighting with others, unless you get extra points that will be counted towards you at the end. The top most successful winners are posted on the title page of the game.

Complexity in management and diverse obstacles, this is the main feature of Rollzio. In order not to depress users at all, the creators made checkpoints, getting to which you can take a little breath. Now even if you fall, then start with a checkpoint.

On the way you need to collect coins and boxes with weapons that will help you fight with other players. But, again, the goal of the game is to get to the final basket. Arrow keys to move.