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Play an exciting strategy, funny and unusual game about the adventures of a small bird. This heroine of the new multiplayer browser-based Piaf.io game features extraordinary magical abilities and can kill its enemies even over a huge distance.

As in all io games, the main task in Piafio is to multiply your experience, nurture your character and destroy opponents. In order for the chick to grow and strengthen, it can be fed with colorful balls scattered on the playing field, or by direct destruction of opponents and the appropriation of their glasses. Kill rivals is possible as a direct attack, and activation of a special fire circle, which incinerate all who are in its radius.

Each chick in Piaf.io has its own defense against attacks, it’s a small circle that circles around the axis. At first, he is alone, but with a set of experience, such balls become more and their protective properties increase. For the flight, it is enough to use the mouse to turn on the fire ring, you can click the left mouse button, or press the space bar. On the right is the table of achievements on the screen, the leaders of confrontation and those who are approaching the title of champions are indicated in it.