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Welcome to the amazing world of magicians and sorcerers in the new multiplayer game. This mega cool browser game with high-quality graphics, where you can plunge into the world of magic and magic. Here sorcerers will not just confront each other, but also fight against monsters who are trying to seize the territory and occupy it.

Before you start you should enter your nickname, and then decide on the character. At your disposal will be a gnome and two charming sorceresses in hoodies of two colors. Once you are determined, then go to the playing field, where you will already wait for hordes of yeti, dragons, goblins and orcs. Also, do not forget that the rivals will not stay aside and will also try to touch you or even destroy you. But do not be afraid, because you very quickly come back and your level will remain the same. In total, you can pump your character to the fifth level. The higher the level of your character, the more powerful types of magic will be available.

The cells in the lower block will have your magical skills. You can change them in a magic book, guided by your own level and the need for this or that kind of magic. Be careful when attacking the enemy. Ahead of you is a bright and amazing world of magic in the style of io.