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Today you will play a very interesting game called If you were lucky enough to go through similar io games, then everything will be even more difficult, because the casts have become very strong. Fortunately, your character has a couple of new tricks that can destroy any opponent who suddenly attacked you. So, you will have to throw swords accurately at your enemies so that after them you can collect the bonus and replenish your treasury.

The main task in Ghostzio is to hold out and destroy all the ghosts in order to survive! Your character will have to fight not only with ordinary players, but also with ghosts that will have many swords and daggers, and it will be difficult to overcome. Against a bunch of attackers you can use super strokes and even magic. When you right-click the mouse, you can accelerate in order to escape or, conversely, attack your victim.

During the usual battle in you gain super strength, which you can use for a strong blow, hitting everyone ahead and throwing opponents a few meters away from you. Destroy all the ghosts and get into the leader board, that’s your goal in this game.