Games like Agario

Sometimes, each of us wants to have a great rest, distracted from everyday vanity. There are many methods: lie on the couch and watch TV, start reading a book or sit at a computer and play something. If you choose the latter option, then there are a lot of directions, where to submit yourself, to spend your holiday not in vain. There are a variety of games that have a chic plot and excellent graphics, but at times they get bored.

What, then, should be done? That’s right, go in search of other, fun mini-games that have recently become much more active in demand. This is explained by the fact that the games like Agario are very popular, which have soared up and are not giving up their positions. It is about them that will be discussed!

Games like Agario


Nobody knew, even the Agario developers themselves, that they could achieve such a huge goal. Everything happened spontaneously and, of course, it’s on hand, both to developers and to players. All this has made it possible to expand the online game of Agario and attract a wide audience, because the development is really worthwhile. The meaning of it is that you play as an ordinary ball, which moves around the map and eats smaller bacteria. Each time the circle grows and slows down in speed. The bigger the ball – the higher the chance to survive. That is, in fact, this is a natural selection, which operates according to strict laws.

In games like agario plays a lot of people, and they have every right to eat you if they are bigger than you. Therefore, eating smaller for the size of the figures, try not to catch the eye of someone who exceeds your size. Otherwise, you will not have time to escape and will be eaten, which will lead back to zero level.


In Games like Agario there is a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself with an interesting skin that is placed on your ball. The bottom line is that if you specify certain nicknames (for example, Putin, Obama, Moon, 8, Earth and others), then the ball gets a funny drawing in the form of the nickname that you entered. More experienced players create their own drawings and implement them, but it already depends directly on the game server. By the way, Agario game servers are gradually expanding, and now everyone can play from any corner of the planet, choosing a server convenient for him. It is enough to register and enter your nickname.

In general, the plans for the future are not disclosed, but we can predict that in the future everything will be much more serious and will progress. Registration in Games like Agario is simple enough and integrates with social networks, which is not a serious problem. More recently, support has appeared not only from browsers, but also support for operating systems on PCs, as well as mobile platforms (iOS, android). In addition, you can create your own group and play online in Agario for free with your friends, helping each other. What will happen next and what fate awaits the project, can only guess. In the meantime, you can spend several hours enjoying the arcade battles and participating in the battles for the right to life!