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The game takes you to the world of resource extraction and survival. In Drillz.io will have to drill the breed, sometimes chasing or killing enemies, try to avoid clashes with major rivals. The application allows you to feel like a true miner, since drilling takes more than half the time. Multiplayer turns all the participants into the field into enemies, but you can cooperate, thanks to the internal chat.

Drillzio can control the movement of the hero with a keyboard, and the mouse determines the orientation of the instrument. Activation of the drill is located on the left-hand click, and the right one is responsible for the special impact. The space activates the jerk, it helps to escape from the fight and slip through the stones and trees.

Always look at the bar at the top of the monitor. She will point to a fossil, the extraction of which gives glasses Drillz.io, to pump the hammer. The collection of already mastered breeds will create shelter. The material is steeper, the harder it is to destroy opponents. Fencing yourself from the rest is completely impossible to relax. Beginners arise in a random place in the field, even in your zone.