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Classic is another game from the series Slitherio, where you need to control a small snake and grow it to a certain size. Try to exert maximum effort and grow the biggest snake that can eat everything and all around you. To start increasing in size, collect colored dots scattered across the field. The more points you get into your mouth, the faster the size of the snake will increase.

When the sizes slightly increase, it will be possible to eat and rivals, only to do it is necessary very cautiously to not be in the role of extraction. To control it is enough to use the arrows on the keyboard, confidently guiding the snake in the desired direction.

The fastest growth in the Classic game gives the absorption of the remains of other snakes. They are similar to food, but more in size and in a special shine. To get such food, you can crawl around the neighborhood and attack other snakes. To destroy the opponent, the snake must be higher in level.