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Cellz.io invites you to compete for the title of the largest bacterium in the petri dish. Only at first glance, because of the primitive graphics, the lack of music and the elementary plot, it may seem that the game is simple. But it is far from it. In order to stay alive, you will have to use strategic techniques and think through each step before making it. Once you run the game in the browser, you need to choose a skin for the microbe and Nick, after which you can start to feeding it.

In order to win the Cellz.io, it is worth taking into account some useful techniques. If you are haunted by a large bacterium, then during the chase you better share in two parts. This technique will help to increase the speed of your movement and, of course, will allow you to break away from the enemy.

When you are driven into a corner, the division will help you survive. Do not be sorry about the breakaway part, as it will quickly recover. When you are being chased, try to maneuver on the way, as catching a moving is much heavier.