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In the game, the phases of the day and night alternate, there is a killer, an investigator and other residents whose task in the daytime is to calculate who is destroying them at night. The task before you depends on the role that you have fallen out. After you have registered and entered the game room, you are automatically given a role. If you are a Killer (Psych), then your task is to kill the other players at night, and during the day during the discussion insidious and confuse other players so that suspicion does not fall on you and that you are not hanged.

On the other hand, residents should be sensitive to the statements of all in the general chat and calculate who behaves like a killer. The creators of Camp Cadaver are very much asked not to disclose their roles and not to surrender their allies on the team (except when it is necessary to mislead all of them). Just ask not to call up to friends behind the context of the game room, you need to play honestly.

On the other hand, do whatever you think is necessary to diversify, bring fan and excitement to the game. If you think that the rules need to be violated, then violate honestly and with meaning!