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Introducing another multiuser novelty, which stands out for its simplicity and extraordinary gambling. is an online game that takes place in the open ocean, where several dozen players compete on their boats. The graphics here are quite primitive and not very special, but thanks to the fascinating plot, this drawback goes to the background and is not particularly evident.

The main task of players in the BoatBumpersio to knock down their boats by the motor vehicles of the opponents, to inflict damage on them and to appropriate their experience. From each stroke, the character’s vital characteristics decrease, which is clearly visible on a special scale under each of the boats. Life energy can be restored, for this it is necessary to select life-spacing circles and inflatable balls scattered around.

To avoid attacking the attacker, it is enough to turn to him with a nose, from a nasal collision the damage is not counted. This applies to attacks, to hit others preferably in the back or sides. An excellent maneuver is bouncing off obstacles and plowing at great speed into the opponent’s side. To control in only the computer mouse is used, with it you can move your hero and speed it up by pressing the left mouse button.