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Since the appearance of the first games intended to transfer the participant to the world of racing, shooters, arcades and other categories has passed many years. In the global network, you can stumble upon tens of thousands of applications, of different themes, attracting both boys and girls. Gradually, this ocean of entertainment attracted a more adult audience and it turned out that it is difficult to find a person who does not spend free hours after passing the next level. However, nothing is eternal and people suddenly with the same interest began to play in io games. A novelty in the industry, suddenly turned into a potential killer of favorite applications and personal time.

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Io Games have become the next step in the evolution of browser-based entertainment. From their predecessors written in Flash, they are distinguished by better graphics, unique tasks and story lines, simplicity and multiplayer mode. They attract not steep special effects or super graphics, but excellent gameplay, competitive moment and a chance to be the best on the server. Start the whole era of multiplayer games laid Agario. Its essence is to devour your fodder with your ball, as well as smaller outsiders. Such a primitive, but fascinating, it interested millions of people from all over the world and acted as a prototype for numerous analogues.

How it works?

To get involved in the competition will require the Internet and one of the devices: a PC, a mobile phone, a tablet. Then, we visit the site where the most exciting io games from this series are located. It remains to choose what you like and click on it. Before you start, the gamer may be required to enter a nickname or specify a vending server. The name allows you to announce yourself to the entire community, which is simultaneously in the same room.

After the described actions, your hero appears on the field, where the main goal is to pump the hero, to achieve the advantage over rivals. At the same time, several dozens of people take part in the confrontation and everyone can become both an irresistible opponent and a victim. All actors can be conditionally divided into two categories. The first avatars, which are weaker, they are a tasty goal and instantly succumb to the onslaught. The second stronger characters, they should be feared, if only there is no tactic, how to win in such a fight.

Here you can stay away from other things for a long time, choosing a snake, a bacterium, a tank, an airplane or any other of hundreds of created characters. When you are comfortable with management, there are two outcomes: progress, it will continue until it reaches the peak of leadership in the group. On the other hand, death, which makes us start all over again.

io Games

How to start?

The resource contains a list of the most popular, amazing io games, as well as novelties. Automotive, space, underwater, air direction. Monsters, animals, fish and gear, all possible varieties are already here. Find the relevant option is very simple, just use the search or internal rating. We offer several sorting methods in order to find an application that answers queries in a matter of seconds.

We set the task to provide visitors with maximum emotion, satisfy its taste and bring a lot of pleasure from pastime on the pages of the site. Feel free to click on any io game, it will be unusual, interesting and exciting, without lags and other troubles. For this reason, all new and old positions are tested by moderators, to identify errors.

System requirements:

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the minimum and optimal characteristics of the platforms. Therefore, working capacity must be checked by testing. Some versions provide a choice of lower resolution quality. If this did not help, try to close unnecessary programs and tabs. You can also control the avatar through a smaller window, rather than in full-screen mode. In cases of problems with portable devices, help is provided by technical support.

Sometimes the delays and other incorrect behavior of the protagonist is not due to performance, but to the small bandwidth of the channel. Check the response and bandwidth of the channel, through special services. If the ping is more than 100 ms, then the problem lies in the connection.

Additional features:

To diversify the gameplay, developers are introducing advanced functionality, suitable for simplifying the pumping and for creating more fun io games:

* Ready skin, colorful clothes that allow you to stand out and declare your preferences;
* Created by its own appearance, a rare function, often paid, opens access to unique and memorable skins.
* Improvements with cheats are also sold for money or game currency, permanent or short-term improvements (high speed, remote weapons, increased radar radius or other functions);
* To save some versions allow you to fix the progress achieved, an indispensable chance for those who reached a high level of development and just a convenient trump card, if you need to move away for a while.